90 Day Growth Accelerator

how many of the following statements can you relate to?

my service business relies on referrals to get new clients
my sales pipeline is a never-ending series of peaks and troughs
my marketing activity is quite reactive and inconsistent
I see little return on investment for digital ad spend
I'm burning out from working on and in my business at the same time
I'm spending a lot of time/money creating social media content that gets little or no engagement or leads
I'm getting a steady flow of leads into my business but they are not converting into as many sales as I would like

If one of more of the above resonated with you and it feels like you have a seemingly endless list of things to do just to keep your business afloat—not to mention growing—then good news! You’re in the majority of business owners who are just doing what they can to stay on top of it all.

But it’s not a process that allows you to get a clear, predictable view of your business’s profitability.

That’s where the 90 Day Growth Accelerator comes in.

The 90 Day Growth Accelerator is a guided process to:

Audit your current marketing strategy, review what’s working and what’s not

Identify bottlenecks, opportunities, and the metrics that matter

Develop an action plan to improve strategy and get on a path to doubling your sales!

who is the 90 day growth accelerator program for?


you have a retail or ecommerce business
your business is a local brick & mortar businesses
you're a startup or early stage business with less than $250k revenue
want to completely outsource your marketing
you are looking for magic bullets to 10x your business growth overnight


you are a service-based business owner turning over 6 or 7 figures (above $250K)
you want to achieve a deep understand of your client base and how you can add value throughout the buying journey to turn prospects into raving fans
you are ready to commit time, effort and investment in the short term to optimise your marketing and sales processes in order to grow your business in the long term
you want to scale your business by taking advantage of technology and automation to create a predictable growth model

how does the program work?

Firstly we have a Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit to work together and if the program meets your requirements.

If we’re both happy to proceed, we’ll then book in 3 x 1-day workshops to be delivered on day 1, day 31 and day 61. Given the current situation with COVID-19 and social distancing, we may split the workshops into smaller sessions for online delivery. Workshop content and delivery will be discussed and agreed with you at the outset.

In between workshops you and your team, if you have one, will be working on implementing tasks from each of your 30 day gameplans with phone and email support from your Growth Marketing Coach if and as required.

The program is delivered in 3 phases over the 90-day period:

Days 1-30: BUILD

Get a holistic view of your current marketing processes using our proven frameworks and begin to identify areas for optimisation.

Days 31-60: OPTIMISE

Using our tailor-made tools, we will help you optimise the Convert and Excite stages, turning more of your leads into sales!

Days 61-90: ACCELERATE

Review your progress over the past 90 days and continue to scale using tools and tactics tailored to your business’s needs.

what our clients say

frequently asked questions

No. The work we do with you throughout this program is so specific to your business, it wouldn’t work in a group coaching scenario. Once the initial workshop is delivered and you start building your framework most of the rest of what we do together is completely customised.

Technically you can have as many people as you like in the workshops. However, we strongly suggest that you include only the people who will add value to discussions and take action to get the framework implemented. Beware of “too many cooks” syndrome! As part of your onboarding, we can have a chat and help you work out the best people to attend your workshops and who you need support from outside of those sessions.

We provide all the coaching, guidance and tools to support the creation and implementation of your growth marketing framework which includes:

  • 3 x 1 day (or 6 x ½ day) workshops in person or via Zoom with a Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (Days 1, 31 and 61)
  • Access to the DashThis  reporting platform to setup and track your marketing metrics
  • Unlimited phone and email support in between workshops as you build your digital marketing framework
  • Unlimited playbooks, checklists and resources to help you deploy tactics specific to your gameplan
  • Connection to our network of trusted Associates if you need help with specialised tasks not included in the program, e.g. website landing page design/development, SEO, paid advertising campaigns, etc.

We do not provide services to deploy digital marketing tactics, e.g. content creation, funnel design, social media campaigns, etc. Every client has a different requirements and different levels of access to resources to create content, update their website and run ad campaigns, etc., so it’s impossible for us to include these costs in our program investment fee.

However, if you need assistance in any areas of your gameplan deployment we are happy to recommend one of our talented and trusted Associates who will be able to support you.

You are on your path to predictable business growth!

We offer 3 options for continued support past the 90 days

  1. Do it yourself with the support of playbooks, checklists, resources and certifications from Digital Marketer, the guys who wrote the book on digital marketing
  2. Continue working with us through one of our coaching programs for ongoing support and access to all the resources, playbooks and checklists to support your gameplan and growth
  3. Get digital marketing support as and when you need it with our online digital marketing consultations.

are you ready to create predictable growth in your business?